Next Year?

Race For Jase Riders Picture

The routes may not have been as well planned and delivered as they could have been, but, it was a brilliant day wasn’t it!

The route will be better planned and marked out with the lessons learned from Race For Jase 2012, if we have a Race For Jase 2013… should we?

There are plans and talk of an event next year and the Race For Jase website will be kept open and accesable to all.  I am sure that you will call back from time to time and rekindle your memories of such a great day.

This page will have the routes for Race For Jase 2013 and it is said that there should be more riders than this year to make sure the event does as much good as it is doing right now…

Race For Jase is good for our memory of Jason, the love of his close and wider family and friends, the funds for St Elisabeth’s Hospice and a reason for old friends to get together and never loose contact with each other again.

A gallery of images and a way to file share your pictures for all to see will be added soon.

I think we should have two rules for next year;

  • You must wear a helmet to ride the event.
  • You must bring a plus one, not from 2012.

There is a video added to the Gallery and those adding their own photos to the DropBox folder will be used for this gallery in a few weeks.  To sign up for cloud storage for all the images from everyone that had cameras, and to add your images from your own camera please sign up for DropBox Here.